Sunday, April 21, 2013

Horses - we love them no matter what?

My riding buddy just  bought a new horse.  It is a beautiful copper Palomino - stud - 6 years old - and untamed.  His has the most perfect blond mane that needs to have it cut off to remove all the "Angel knots".  What was he thinking?  If anyone he will be able to gentle him, but what a challenge.  He looks like this horse actually - except the mane is seriously tangled!

Yesterday I watched a movie "White Mane", a French movie on the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus.   If you love horses then you should watch this - it isn't too long at all.

Did I ever mention that my horse Lucy lost her eye last fall?  What a nightmare trying to save it and for naught.  Somewhere I kept a lot of photos, and I will have to find them.  She is amazingly the same stinker she was before!

I have just started to see the mosquito's outside now, with all the water they are everywhere.  But thanks to my Avon Skin So Soft bug repellent I am doing great!  There are so many mosquito's!

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