Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is your horse allergic to Skin So Soft?

A Google search  for skin allergies to Skin So Soft  Skindisiac - I was astounded to find several folks mentioned their trusty steeds had an allergic reaction and formed raised bumps.

I have also had a reaction to the SSS Skindisiac on my face.  I know it is not for your face - so trust me I will not do that again.  But the scent is - well named correctly!

Side note:  I do have Rosacea so am not sure if it was only that or?  Heck - what if I was getting allergic to beer?  May be the brand!

 Yuengling:  http://www.yuengling.com

So I love to use it on my legs and arms as the winter brings dry skin with patches like eczema.  It is working wonders on that problem for me.

The spray (what I have used most often) seems to have an alcohol carrier.  (this is how it is atomized so it can spray out of a bottle).   That might be the culprit that stings on my Rosacea...The list of ingredients is where we need to start.  Of course I will have to get my glasses on to read the tiny print.  Why do they do that to us?  Have you ever noticed the small print on important things that we ingest?

I have never had an issue with using the Avon SSS on my horses - maybe they didn't dilute it correctly.  If you have had an issue please make a comment below.  This seems to be a legitimate source for horse dermatitis:


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