Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Summer is over here - and with a cold snap that surprised us all.

BRRRR   I can not believe how cold it is now when I go throw hay for the horses in the wee hours after work.

Brrrr... that is all I can say.

Over the summer we had so much rain that all the bugs and pests finally outnumbered the ants.  I was so glad to find that I could still order Bug Guard Products up until last month.  I was disappointed with this years Frontline product for my dogs and cats - it did nothing.  I have used the Avon bug repellent and that has helped immensely.  There was just no getting rid of the fleas outside.  Could not put out diatomaceous earth because of all the rain.  I hope the freezes this year will reduce the numbers of pests for spring!  My little Punkin has become accustomed to the bathtub - thank goodness!

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