Monday, December 24, 2012

Making my Gingerbread Soap!

Gingerbread Soap
This shape comes from a muffin tin – you can use any shapes – I chose the Gingerbread Man!
I use Melt ‘N Pour that I purchase from Hobby Lobby or Michael's (don’t forget to take the coupon with you that gives you 40% off). 

Have ready the muffin tin:

 If you use a Pam to coat – it may leave a film on them – that can be wiped off.
Melt ‘N Pour Soap cut in chunks:
The trick is to melt in chunks in a Pyrex measuring cup – 30 seconds at a time with no additional ingredients, stir each 30 seconds until completely melted.  At this point, you can use scent oils specifically for soap – I always use more than listed to increase the scent.  You are now to add what you choose and pour the ¾’ first layer (clear).  As soon as you have the pour, then you add the binder… see below.  This is not a suspension pour so the binder will stay on the top.  You can use this to make a design on the Gingerbread man.
I use Goat’s Milk Soap (white) and color it with ground up Cinnamon (I use sticks of Cinnamon and I grind them in a coffee grinder to give them a fresh scent).
The clear coat is clear Melt ‘N Pour
I also used a shimmer powder for the clear coat – it is a preference only.  You can purchase this from the same stores mentioned above.

The order you pour is:

1.       Clear
2.       Cinnamon Color
If you experiment, you can put ground cinnamon in the suspension. -  make this layer at least 3/4” thick.  You can also stick full cloves in - once set up a bit – for eyes, buttons etc.
The powered Cinnamon, and Nutmeg, Ginger, and ground coffee will color the pour.  I use spices instead of liquid scent as it works better.  I also use coffee ground up, straight from the can, or the beans whole.
My preference is to use several textures to make the soap an exfoliate.
 You can try anything you like- except things that dissolve to be safe.
This is important:  if you do layers, you must pour the next layer as soon as the previous is set enough to not mix.  In addition, you need to have something for the next layer to hold on to.  This is where the different textures come in – Coconut is one of my favorite as are whole coffee beans, or Rosemary leaves.
Therefore, the choice is yours to add to the two layers.  The first layer must have the larger add-on to attach to the second layer.
My muffin tin has the features of the Gingerbread man so I do not try to enhance them. 
The pictured Man has a clear layer with the shimmer powder; the next layer is the powdered coffee and Nutmeg.  It is best to try one form to see how it will come out when solidified.
Do not put in the refrigerator to harden, just let it set.  (I learned that the hard way!)  If you have trouble to release after it cools you can run hot water over the inverted pan, careful not to get the soap wet.

The final touch is a ribbon around his neck. 
Note:  there are no preservatives in this soap – it must be used or it will start to shrivel – in about a year.  Most people I give them to use as a decoration and they start to shrivel after a year – no matter what I say!
  When I experiment, I always come up with the best creations when I am running out of soap to pour!

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